April 13th All Events

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April 13th, 2008 (April 13 2008)DeathJohn A. Wheeler, Visionary physicist and teacher who helped invent the theory of nuclear fission and gave black holes their name (born in 1911)
April 13th, 2007 (April 13 2007)DeathDon Selwyn, Maori actor and film director (born in circa 1936)
April 13th, 2006 (April 13 2006)EventPowerful tornadoes rip through Iowa City, Iowa.
April 13th, 2006 (April 13 2006)DeathBill Baker, baseball player (born in 1911)
April 13th, 2005 (April 13 2005)DeathDon Blasingame, baseball player (born in 1932)
April 13th, 2005 (April 13 2005)DeathJohnnie Johnson, American blues musician (born in 1924)
April 13th, 2005 (April 13 2005)DeathJohnny Loughrey, Irish singer (born in 1945)
April 13th, 2005 (April 13 2005)DeathPhilippe Volter, Belgian actor (born in 1959)
April 13th, 2004 (April 13 2004)DeathLou Berberet, baseball player (born in 1929)
April 13th, 2004 (April 13 2004)DeathCaron Keating, British television presenter (born in 1962)
April 13th, 2003 (April 13 2003)DeathPossum Bourne, New Zealand Champion Rally Driver (born in 1956
April 13th, 2002 (April 13 2002)EventPedro Carmona, interim president of Venezuela, resigns one day after taking office.
April 13th, 2002 (April 13 2002)DeathDesmond Titterington, Northern Irish racecar driver (born in 1928)
April 13th, 2001 (April 13 2001)DeathRobert Moon, Postal Inspector and "Father" of the ZIP Code (born in 1917)
April 13th, 2000 (April 13 2000)DeathGiorgio Bassani, Italian writer (born in 1916)
April 13th, 1999 (April 13 1999)DeathOrtvin Sarapu, New Zealand chess player "Mr NZ Chess" (born in 1924)
April 13th, 1999 (April 13 1999)DeathWilli Stoph, German politician (born in 1914)
April 13th, 1998 (April 13 1998)DeathPatrick de Gayardon, French skydiver and skysurfing pioneer (born in 1960)
April 13th, 1997 (April 13 1997)EventTiger Woods becomes the youngest golfer to win golf s Masters Tournament.
April 13th, 1997 (April 13 1997)BirthSloane Momsen, American actress
April 13th, 1997 (April 13 1997)DeathDorothy Frooks, American author, publisher, military figure, and actress (born in 1896)
April 13th, 1997 (April 13 1997)DeathVoldemar Vali, Estonian wrestler, Olympic medalist (born in 1903)
April 13th, 1993 (April 13 1993)DeathWallace Stegner, American writer (car accident) (born in 1909)
April 13th, 1992 (April 13 1992)EventThe Great Chicago Flood happened on this day.
April 13th, 1992 (April 13 1992)EventNeil Kinnock resigns as British Labour leader following the party s defeat by the Conservatives in the general election four days earlier.
April 13th, 1992 (April 13 1992)BirthEmma Degerstedt, American actress
April 13th, 1988 (April 13 1988)BirthAnderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira, Brazilian footballer
April 13th, 1987 (April 13 1987)EventPortugal and the People s Republic of China sign an agreement in which Macau would be returned to China in 1999.
April 13th, 1987 (April 13 1987)BirthBrandon Hardesty, American internet entertainer
April 13th, 1986 (April 13 1986)DeathStephen Stucker. American actor (born in 1947)
April 13th, 1985 (April 13 1985)EventEnver Hoxha is succeeded by Ramiz Alia as the leader of Albania.
April 13th, 1984 (April 13 1984)EventIndia moves into Siachen Glacier thus annexes more territory from the Line of Control. The challenger Shuttle lands after retrieving, repairing and redeploying a satellite.
April 13th, 1984 (April 13 1984)BirthHiro Mizushima, Japanese actor
April 13th, 1984 (April 13 1984)DeathRichard Hurndall. British actor (born in 1910)
April 13th, 1984 (April 13 1984)DeathRalph Kirkpatrick, American musician (born in 1911)
April 13th, 1984 (April 13 1984)DeathDionyssis Papayannopoulos, Greek actor (born in 1912)
April 13th, 1983 (April 13 1983)EventHarold Washington is elected as the first African-American mayor in Chicago s history.
April 13th, 1983 (April 13 1983)BirthSchalk Burger, South African rugby player
April 13th, 1983 (April 13 1983)BirthHunter Pence, American baseball player
April 13th, 1983 (April 13 1983)DeathTheodore Stephanides, Greek poet, author, doctor and naturalist (born in 1896)
April 13th, 1982 (April 13 1982)BirthNellie McKay, American singer
April 13th, 1982 (April 13 1982)BirthJanice Vidal, Hong Kong singer
April 13th, 1982 (April 13 1982)BirthJill Vidal, Hong Kong singer
April 13th, 1981 (April 13 1981)BirthCourtney Peldon, American actress
April 13th, 1981 (April 13 1981)BirthNat Borchers, American soccer player
April 13th, 1981 (April 13 1981)DeathPrince Asaka Yasuhiko of Japan (born in 1887)
April 13th, 1980 (April 13 1980)BirthJana Cova, Czech pornographic actress
April 13th, 1980 (April 13 1980)BirthQuentin Richardson, American basketball player
April 13th, 1980 (April 13 1980)BirthColleen Clinkenbeard, American voice actress
April 13th, 1980 (April 13 1980)DeathMarkus Hottinger, Austrian racing driver (born in 1956)
April 13th, 1979 (April 13 1979)EventTanzania and Zambia recognize Yusufu Lule as President of Uganda.
April 13th, 1979 (April 13 1979)BirthBaron Davis, American basketball player
April 13th, 1979 (April 13 1979)BirthMeghann Shaughnessy, American tennis player
April 13th, 1978 (April 13 1978)BirthArron Asham, Canadian ice hockey player
April 13th, 1978 (April 13 1978)BirthKyle Howard, American actor
April 13th, 1978 (April 13 1978)BirthCarles Puyol, Spanish footballer
April 13th, 1978 (April 13 1978)BirthChris Sligh, American Idol finalist
April 13th, 1978 (April 13 1978)DeathJack Chambers, Canadian artist and film maker (born in 1931)
April 13th, 1976 (April 13 1976)BirthJonathan Brandis, American actor (died in 2003)
April 13th, 1976 (April 13 1976)BirthValentina Cervi, Italian actress
April 13th, 1976 (April 13 1976)BirthPatrik Elias, Czech ice hockey player
April 13th, 1976 (April 13 1976)BirthYu Ji-tae, South Korean actor
April 13th, 1975 (April 13 1975)EventBus Massacre in Lebanon : Attack by Phalangist militia gunmen kill 27 Palestinian civilians and marks the start of the 15-year Lebanese civil war.
April 13th, 1975 (April 13 1975)BirthLou Bega, German-born musician and artist
April 13th, 1975 (April 13 1975)BirthBruce Dyer, English footballer
April 13th, 1975 (April 13 1975)DeathLarry Parks, American actor (born in 1914)
April 13th, 1975 (April 13 1975)DeathFrancois (Ngarta) Tombalbaye, first President of Chad (born in 1918)
April 13th, 1974 (April 13 1974)EventWestern Union (in cooperation with NASA and Hughes Aircraft) launches the U.S. s first commercial geosynchronous communications satellite, Westar 1.
April 13th, 1974 (April 13 1974)BirthDarren Turner , British Race Driver
April 13th, 1974 (April 13 1974)BirthSergei Gonchar, Russian ice hockey player
April 13th, 1974 (April 13 1974)BirthDavid Zdrilic, Australian soccer player
April 13th, 1972 (April 13 1972)EventThe Universal Postal Union decides to recognize the People s Republic of China as the only legitimate Chinese representative, effectively expelling the Republic of China administering Taiwan.
April 13th, 1972 (April 13 1972)BirthMariusz Czerkawski, Polish ice hockey player
April 13th, 1972 (April 13 1972)BirthAaron Lewis, American singer (Staind)
April 13th, 1971 (April 13 1971)BirthDina Korzun, Russian actress
April 13th, 1971 (April 13 1971)BirthBo Outlaw, American basketball player
April 13th, 1971 (April 13 1971)BirthValensia, Dutch singer
April 13th, 1971 (April 13 1971)DeathMichel Briere, Canadian ice hockey player (born in 1949)
April 13th, 1971 (April 13 1971)DeathJuhan Smuul, Estonian author (born in 1921)
April 13th, 1970 (April 13 1970)EventAn oxygen tank aboard Apollo 13 explodes, putting the crew in great danger and causing major damage to the spacecraft while en route to the Moon.
April 13th, 1970 (April 13 1970)BirthMonty Brown, American professional wrestler
April 13th, 1970 (April 13 1970)BirthGerry Creaney, Scottish footballer
April 13th, 1970 (April 13 1970)BirthRick Schroder, American actor
April 13th, 1970 (April 13 1970)BirthSzilveszter Csollany, Hungarian gymnast, Olympic gold medalist
April 13th, 1970 (April 13 1970)BirthRicardo Rincon, Mexican baseball player
April 13th, 1969 (April 13 1969)EventClosure of the Brisbane tramway network.
April 13th, 1967 (April 13 1967)BirthOlga Tanon, Puerto Rican singer
April 13th, 1966 (April 13 1966)BirthAli Boumnijel, Tunisian football player
April 13th, 1966 (April 13 1966)BirthMarc Ford, American musician
April 13th, 1966 (April 13 1966)DeathAbdul Salam Arif, President of Iraq (born in 1921)
April 13th, 1966 (April 13 1966)DeathGeorges Duhamel, French writer (born in 1884)
April 13th, 1965 (April 13 1965)BirthPatricio Pouchulu, Argentinean architect
April 13th, 1964 (April 13 1964)BirthDavis Love III, Professional Golfer
April 13th, 1964 (April 13 1964)BirthCaroline Rhea, Canadian actress
April 13th, 1963 (April 13 1963)BirthGarry Kasparov, Russian chess playerGarry Kasparov Quotes
April 13th, 1962 (April 13 1962)BirthDave Miley, former baseball player and manager
April 13th, 1962 (April 13 1962)BirthHillel Slovak, Israeli-born guitarist (died in 1988)
April 13th, 1962 (April 13 1962)BirthJennifer Rubin, American actress
April 13th, 1962 (April 13 1962)DeathCulbert Olson, Governor of California (born in 1876)
April 13th, 1961 (April 13 1961)BirthHiro Yamamoto, American rock bassist
April 13th, 1960 (April 13 1960)BirthRudi Voller, German football coach
April 13th, 1960 (April 13 1960)BirthBob Casey, Jr., Democratic U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania
April 13th, 1960 (April 13 1960)BirthOlaf Ludwig, German cyclist
April 13th, 1959 (April 13 1959)DeathEduard van Beinum, Dutch conductor (born in 1901)
April 13th, 1958 (April 13 1958)EventVan Cliburn is the first American to win the Chaikovsky Compettion in Moscow.
April 13th, 1957 (April 13 1957)BirthSaundra Santiago, American actress
April 13th, 1957 (April 13 1957)BirthDallas Moir, Scottish cricketer
April 13th, 1957 (April 13 1957)BirthAmy Goodman, American activist, host of Democracy NowAmy Goodman Quotes
April 13th, 1956 (April 13 1956)BirthPeter Possum Bourne, New Zealand rally driver (died in 2003)
April 13th, 1955 (April 13 1955)BirthOle von Beust, Mayor of Hamburg
April 13th, 1955 (April 13 1955)BirthLupe Pintor, Mexican boxer
April 13th, 1954 (April 13 1954)BirthNiels Olsen, Danish singer
April 13th, 1954 (April 13 1954)DeathAngus Lewis Macdonald, Premier of Nova Scotia (born in 1890)
April 13th, 1953 (April 13 1953)EventCIA director Allen Dulles launches the mind-control program MKULTRA.
April 13th, 1953 (April 13 1953)BirthStephen Byers, British politician
April 13th, 1952 (April 13 1952)BirthRon Dittemore, American space administrator
April 13th, 1952 (April 13 1952)BirthDavid Drew, British politician
April 13th, 1952 (April 13 1952)BirthErick Avari, British-Indian actor
April 13th, 1951 (April 13 1951)BirthPeabo Bryson, American singer
April 13th, 1951 (April 13 1951)BirthPeter Davison, English actor
April 13th, 1951 (April 13 1951)BirthJoachim Streich, East German footballer
April 13th, 1951 (April 13 1951)BirthMax Weinberg, American drummer
April 13th, 1950 (April 13 1950)BirthTerry Lester, American actor (died in 2003)
April 13th, 1950 (April 13 1950)BirthRon Perlman, American actor
April 13th, 1950 (April 13 1950)BirthWilliam Sadler, American actor
April 13th, 1949 (April 13 1949)BirthFrank Doran, Scottish politician
April 13th, 1949 (April 13 1949)BirthChristopher Hitchens, English-born journalist, critic, and authorChristopher Hitchens Quotes
April 13th, 1949 (April 13 1949)BirthRicardo Zunino, Argentine racing driver
April 13th, 1948 (April 13 1948)EventSeventy-seven doctors, nurses and medical students from Hadassah Hospital are ambushed and massacred by Arabs in Sheikh Jarra near Jerusalem.
April 13th, 1948 (April 13 1948)BirthSue Doughty, British politician
April 13th, 1948 (April 13 1948)BirthNam Hae-il, Chief of Naval Operations of Republic of Korea Navy
April 13th, 1947 (April 13 1947)BirthThanos Mikroutsikos, Greek composer & former minister
April 13th, 1946 (April 13 1946)BirthAl Green, American singer and pastor
April 13th, 1945 (April 13 1945)EventGerman troops kill more than 1,000 political and military prisoners in Gardelegen Germany.
April 13th, 1945 (April 13 1945)BirthTony Dow, American actor
April 13th, 1945 (April 13 1945)BirthLowell George, American singer/guitarist (died in 1979)
April 13th, 1945 (April 13 1945)BirthBob Kalsu, American football player (died in 1970)
April 13th, 1945 (April 13 1945)BirthJudy Nunn, Australian actress
April 13th, 1945 (April 13 1945)BirthCharles Robinson, American actor
April 13th, 1945 (April 13 1945)DeathErnst Cassirer, German philosopher (born in 1874) Philo Quotes
April 13th, 1944 (April 13 1944)EventThe diplomatic relations between New Zealand and the Soviet Union are established.
April 13th, 1944 (April 13 1944)BirthJack Casady, American musician
April 13th, 1944 (April 13 1944)BirthSusan Davis, American politician
April 13th, 1944 (April 13 1944)BirthBrian Pendleton, musician (died in 2001)
April 13th, 1944 (April 13 1944)DeathCecile Chaminade, French composer and pianist (born in 1857)
April 13th, 1943 (April 13 1943)EventWorld War II: The discovery of a mass grave of Polish prisoners of war executed by Soviet forces in the Katyn Forest Massacre is announced, alienating the Western Allies, the Polish government in exile in London, from the Soviet Union.
April 13th, 1943 (April 13 1943)EventJames Boarman, Fred Hunter, Harold Brest and Floyd G. Hamilton take part in an Alcatraz escape attempt.
April 13th, 1943 (April 13 1943)EventThe Jefferson Memorial is dedicated in Washington, D.C., on the 200th anniversary of Thomas Jefferson s birth.Thomas Jefferson Quotes
April 13th, 1943 (April 13 1943)BirthBilly Kidd, American skier
April 13th, 1942 (April 13 1942)BirthBill Conti, American composer
April 13th, 1942 (April 13 1942)BirthAtaol Behramoglu Turkish poet and writer.
April 13th, 1941 (April 13 1941)EventPact of neutrality between the USSR and Japan is signed.
April 13th, 1941 (April 13 1941)BirthMichael Stuart Brown, American geneticist, Nobel laureate
April 13th, 1941 (April 13 1941)DeathAnnie Jump Cannon, American astronomer (born in 1863)
April 13th, 1940 (April 13 1940)BirthMike Beuttler, British racing driver (died in 1988)
April 13th, 1940 (April 13 1940)BirthJim McNab, Scottish footballer (died in 2006)
April 13th, 1939 (April 13 1939)EventIn India, the Hindustani Lal Sena (Indian Red Army) is formed and vows to engage in armed struggle against the British.
April 13th, 1939 (April 13 1939)BirthSeamus Heaney, Irish writer, Nobel laureateSeamus Heaney Quotes
April 13th, 1939 (April 13 1939)BirthPaul Sorvino, American actor
April 13th, 1938 (April 13 1938)DeathGrey Owl, proponent of nature conservation (born in 1888)
April 13th, 1937 (April 13 1937)BirthEdward Fox, English actor
April 13th, 1937 (April 13 1937)BirthLanford Wilson, American playwright
April 13th, 1936 (April 13 1936)DeathMilton Brown, American swing bandleader (born in 1903)
April 13th, 1935 (April 13 1935)BirthLyle Waggoner, American actor
April 13th, 1933 (April 13 1933)BirthBen Nighthorse Campbell, U.S. politician
April 13th, 1932 (April 13 1932)BirthOrlando Letelier, Chilean politician (died in 1976)
April 13th, 1931 (April 13 1931)BirthRobert Enrico, French film director and screenwriter (died in 2001)
April 13th, 1931 (April 13 1931)BirthDan Gurney, American race car driver and team owner
April 13th, 1931 (April 13 1931)BirthJon Stone, co-creator of Sesame Street (died in 1997)
April 13th, 1928 (April 13 1928)BirthAlan Clark, English politician (died in 1999)
April 13th, 1927 (April 13 1927)BirthMaurice Ronet, French film actor (died in 1983)
April 13th, 1926 (April 13 1926)BirthJohn Spencer-Churchill, 11th Duke of Marlborough
April 13th, 1926 (April 13 1926)BirthEllie Lambeti, Greek actress (died in 1983)
April 13th, 1924 (April 13 1924)BirthJack Chick, American evangelist
April 13th, 1924 (April 13 1924)BirthStanley Donen, American film director
April 13th, 1923 (April 13 1923)BirthDon Adams, American actor and comedian (died in 2005)
April 13th, 1922 (April 13 1922)BirthJohn Braine, British novelist (died in 1986)John Braine Quotes
April 13th, 1922 (April 13 1922)BirthJulius Nyerere, Tanzanian politician (died in 1999)
April 13th, 1921 (April 13 1921)EventFoundation of the Spanish Communist Workers Party.
April 13th, 1920 (April 13 1920)BirthRoberto Calvi, Italian banker (died in 1982)
April 13th, 1920 (April 13 1920)BirthClaude Cheysson, French politician
April 13th, 1920 (April 13 1920)BirthLiam Cosgrave, fifth Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland
April 13th, 1920 (April 13 1920)BirthJohn LaPorta, American musician (died in 2004)
April 13th, 1919 (April 13 1919)EventThe Establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea.
April 13th, 1919 (April 13 1919)EventJallianwala Bagh massacre: British troops massacre at least 379 unarmed demonstrators in Amritsar, India. At least 1200 wounded.
April 13th, 1919 (April 13 1919)BirthRoland Gaucher, French journalist
April 13th, 1919 (April 13 1919)BirthHoward Keel, American actor, singer, and president of the Screen Actors Guild (died in 2004)
April 13th, 1919 (April 13 1919)BirthMadalyn Murray O Hair, American atheist activist (died in 1995)Al Murray Quotes
April 13th, 1919 (April 13 1919)BirthPhil Tonken, American radio and television announcer (died in 2000)
April 13th, 1918 (April 13 1918)DeathLavr Georgevich Kornilov, Russian general (born in 1870)
April 13th, 1917 (April 13 1917)BirthRobert O. Anderson, American businessman (died in 2007)
April 13th, 1916 (April 13 1916)BirthPhyllis Fraser Cerf Wagner, American actress, journalist, and publisher (died in 2006)
April 13th, 1912 (April 13 1912)DeathIshikawa Takuboku, Japanese author (born in 1886)
April 13th, 1911 (April 13 1911)BirthIco Hitrec, Croatian footballer (died in 1946)
April 13th, 1911 (April 13 1911)BirthJean-Louis Levesque, Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist (died in 1994)
April 13th, 1911 (April 13 1911)DeathGeorge Washington Glick, Governor of Kansas (born in 1827)George Washington Quotes
April 13th, 1911 (April 13 1911)DeathJohn McLane, Governor of New Hampshire (born in 1852)
April 13th, 1910 (April 13 1910)DeathWilliam Quiller Orchardson, British painter (born in 1835)
April 13th, 1909 (April 13 1909)BirthStanislaw Marcin Ulam, Polish mathematician (died in 1984)
April 13th, 1909 (April 13 1909)BirthEudora Welty, American writer (died in 2001)
April 13th, 1909 (April 13 1909)DeathWhitley Stokes, British lawyer (born in 1830)
April 13th, 1907 (April 13 1907)BirthHarold Stassen, American Presidential candidate (died in 2001)
April 13th, 1906 (April 13 1906)BirthSamuel Beckett, Irish writer, Nobel laureate (died in 1989)Samuel Beckett Quotes
April 13th, 1906 (April 13 1906)BirthBud Freeman, American musician (died in 1991)
April 13th, 1904 (April 13 1904)BirthSir David Robinson, British philanthropist and entrepreneur (died in 1987)
April 13th, 1902 (April 13 1902)EventJames C. Penney opens his first store in Kemmerer, Wyoming.
April 13th, 1902 (April 13 1902)BirthPhilippe de Rothschild, French race car driver and wine grower (died in 1988)Philip Roth Quotes
April 13th, 1901 (April 13 1901)BirthJacques Lacan, French psychoanalyst and semanticist (died in 1981)
April 13th, 1900 (April 13 1900)BirthPierre Molinier, French painter and photographer (died in 1976)
April 13th, 1899 (April 13 1899)BirthAlfred Mosher Butts, American architect and Scrabble inventor (died in 1993)
April 13th, 1897 (April 13 1897)BirthWerner Voss, German World War I pilot (died in 1917)
April 13th, 1895 (April 13 1895)BirthArthur Fadden, thirteenth Prime Minister of Australia (died in 1973)
April 13th, 1892 (April 13 1892)BirthArthur Travers Bomber Harris, British Air Force commander (died in 1984)
April 13th, 1892 (April 13 1892)BirthSir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt, Scottish inventor (died in 1973)
April 13th, 1891 (April 13 1891)BirthMaurice Vincent Buckley, Australian winner of the Victoria Cross (died in 1921)
April 13th, 1891 (April 13 1891)BirthNella Larsen, African-American novelist (died in 1964)
April 13th, 1890 (April 13 1890)BirthFrank Murphy, American public servant (died in 1949)
April 13th, 1890 (April 13 1890)DeathSamuel J. Randall, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (born in 1828)
April 13th, 1889 (April 13 1889)BirthHerbert Osborne Yardley, American cryptographer (died in 1958)
April 13th, 1887 (April 13 1887)BirthGordon S. Fahrni, Canadian physician and President of the Canadian Medical Association (died in 1995)
April 13th, 1885 (April 13 1885)BirthGeorg Lukacs, Hungarian-born philosopher and literary critic (died in 1971) Philo Quotes
April 13th, 1885 (April 13 1885)BirthVean Gregg, American baseball player (died in 1964)
April 13th, 1882 (April 13 1882)DeathBruno Bauer, German theologian (born in 1809)
April 13th, 1880 (April 13 1880)BirthCharles Christie, Canadian film studio owner (died in 1955)
April 13th, 1880 (April 13 1880)DeathRobert Fortune, Scottish botanist (born in 1813)
April 13th, 1879 (April 13 1879)BirthEdward Bruce, Director art projects (died in 1943)
April 13th, 1875 (April 13 1875)BirthRay Lyman Wilbur, U.S. university president and politician (died in 1949)
April 13th, 1873 (April 13 1873)EventThe Colfax Massacre takes place.
April 13th, 1873 (April 13 1873)BirthJohn W. Davis, American politician (died in 1955)
April 13th, 1872 (April 13 1872)BirthAlexander Roda Roda, Austrian writer (died in 1945)
April 13th, 1870 (April 13 1870)EventMetropolitan Museum of Art founded.
April 13th, 1868 (April 13 1868)EventAbyssinian War ends as British and Indian troops capture Magdala.
April 13th, 1868 (April 13 1868)DeathTewodros II, Emperor of Ethiopia (born in 1818)
April 13th, 1866 (April 13 1866)BirthButch Cassidy, American outlaw (died in 1908)
April 13th, 1861 (April 13 1861)EventAmerican Civil War: Fort Sumter surrenders to Confederate forces.
April 13th, 1860 (April 13 1860)BirthJames Ensor, Belgian painter (died in 1949)
April 13th, 1855 (April 13 1855)DeathHenry De la Beche, English geologist (born in 1796)
April 13th, 1853 (April 13 1853)DeathLeopold Gmelin, German chemist (born in 1788)
April 13th, 1853 (April 13 1853)DeathJames Iredell, Jr., Governor of North Carolina (born in 1788)
April 13th, 1852 (April 13 1852)BirthF.W. Woolworth, American businessman (died in 1919)
April 13th, 1851 (April 13 1851)BirthRobert Abbe, American surgeon (died in 1928)
April 13th, 1850 (April 13 1850)BirthArthur Matthew Weld Downing, British astronomer (died in 1917)
April 13th, 1849 (April 13 1849)EventHungary becomes a republic.
April 13th, 1841 (April 13 1841)BirthLouis-Ernest Barrias, French sculptor (died in 1905)
April 13th, 1832 (April 13 1832)BirthJuan Montalvo, Ecuadoran author (died in 1889)
April 13th, 1829 (April 13 1829)EventThe British Parliament grants freedom of religion to Roman Catholics.
April 13th, 1828 (April 13 1828)BirthJoseph Barber Lightfoot, English theologian and Bishop (died in 1889)
April 13th, 1826 (April 13 1826)DeathFranz Danzi, German composer (born in 1763)
April 13th, 1825 (April 13 1825)BirthThomas D Arcy McGee, Canadian journalist and politician (died in 1868)
April 13th, 1808 (April 13 1808)BirthAntonio Meucci, Italian inventor (died in 1896)
April 13th, 1802 (April 13 1802)BirthLeopold Fitzinger, Austrian zoologist (died in 1884)
April 13th, 1796 (April 13 1796)EventThe first elephant ever seen in the USA arrives from India.
April 13th, 1794 (April 13 1794)DeathNicolas Chamfort, French writer (born in 1741)Nicolas Chamfort Quotes
April 13th, 1793 (April 13 1793)DeathPierre Gaspard Chaumette, French revolutionary (born in 1763)
April 13th, 1787 (April 13 1787)BirthJohn Robertson, U.S. politician (died in 1873)
April 13th, 1784 (April 13 1784)BirthFriedrich Graf von Wrangel, Prussian field marshal (died in 1877)
April 13th, 1780 (April 13 1780)BirthAlexander Mitchell, Irish engineer (died in 1868)
April 13th, 1771 (April 13 1771)BirthRichard Trevithick, English engineer and inventor (died in 1833)
April 13th, 1769 (April 13 1769)BirthThomas Lawrence, English painter (died in 1830)
April 13th, 1764 (April 13 1764)BirthLaurent, Marquis de Gouvion Saint-Cyr, French marshal (died in 1830)
April 13th, 1747 (April 13 1747)BirthLouis Philip II, Duke of Orleans (died in 1793)
April 13th, 1743 (April 13 1743)BirthThomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States (died in 1826)Thomas Jefferson Quotes
April 13th, 1742 (April 13 1742)EventGeorge Frideric Handel s oratorio Messiah makes its world-premiere in Dublin, Ireland.George Frideric Handel Quotes
April 13th, 1735 (April 13 1735)BirthIsaac Low, delegate to the Continental Congress (died in 1791)
April 13th, 1732 (April 13 1732)BirthFrederick North, Lord North, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died in 1792)
April 13th, 1729 (April 13 1729)BirthThomas Percy, Bishop and magazine editor (died in 1811)Thomas Percy Quotes
April 13th, 1722 (April 13 1722)DeathCharles Leslie, Irish Anglican theologian (born in 1650)
April 13th, 1715 (April 13 1715)BirthJohn Hanson, President of the United States in Congress Assembled (died in 1783)
April 13th, 1695 (April 13 1695)DeathJean de la Fontaine, French author (born in 1621)
April 13th, 1648 (April 13 1648)BirthJeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon, French mystic (died in 1717)
April 13th, 1641 (April 13 1641)DeathRichard Montagu, English clergyman (born in 1577)
April 13th, 1638 (April 13 1638)DeathHenri, duc de Rohan, French Huguenot leader (born in 1579)
April 13th, 1635 (April 13 1635)DeathFahkr-al-Din II, Druze Prince of Lebanon (executed)
April 13th, 1618 (April 13 1618)BirthRoger de Rabutin, Comte de Bussy, French writer (died in 1693)
April 13th, 1612 (April 13 1612)DeathSasaki Kojiro, Japanese samurai (killed by Musashi Miyamoto)Miyamoto Musashi Quotes
April 13th, 1605 (April 13 1605)DeathBoris Godunov, Tsar of Russia
April 13th, 1598 (April 13 1598)EventHenry IV of France issues the Edict of Nantes, allowing freedom of religion to the Huguenots. (Edict repealed in 1685.)
April 13th, 1593 (April 13 1593)BirthThomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford, English statesman (died in 1641)
April 13th, 1584 (April 13 1584)BirthAlbert VI of Bavaria (died in 1666)
April 13th, 1573 (April 13 1573)BirthChristina of Holstein-Gottorp, queen consort of Sweden (died in 1625)
April 13th, 1570 (April 13 1570)BirthGuy Fawkes, English Catholic conspirator (died in 1606)Guy Fawkes Quotes
April 13th, 1547 (April 13 1547)BirthElisabeth of Valois, third wife of Philip II of Spain (died in 1568)
April 13th, 1519 (April 13 1519)BirthCatherine de Medici, wife of Henry II of France (died in 1589)
April 13th, 1506 (April 13 1506)BirthPeter Faber, French Jesuit theologian (died in 1546)
April 13th, 1279 (April 13 1279)DeathBoleslaus the Pious, Polish duke
April 13th, 1256 (April 13 1256)EventThe Grand Union of the Augustinian order formed when Pope Alexander IV issues a papal bull Licet ecclesiae catholicae.Alexander Pope Quotes
April 13th, 1250 (April 13 1250)EventThe Seventh Crusade is defeated in Egypt, Louis IX of France is captured. Louis IX of France Quotes
April 13th, 1204 (April 13 1204)EventThe Fourth Crusade sacks Constantinople.
April 13th, 1111 (April 13 1111)EventHenry V is crowned Holy Roman Emperor.
April 13th, 1093 (April 13 1093)DeathPrince Vsevolod I of Kiev (born in 1030)
April 13th, 0814 (April 13 0814)DeathKrum, Khan of Bulgaria
April 13th, 0799 (April 13 0799)DeathPaul the Deacon, Italian monk and chroniclerRon Paul Quotes

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